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Video Conferencing in Proceedings Before Judge Maddox




            Video conferencing capabilities are available for the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Mississippi at (a) the Greenville Federal Building in Greenville, Mississippi, and (b) the Cochran U. S. Bankruptcy Courthouse in Aberdeen, Mississippi.   Counsel and others who utilize such video conferencing must abide by the procedures and directives set forth in the Standing Order Regarding Video Conference in Proceedings Before Judge Selene D. Maddox as summarized below:


  1. The Court may set for hearing by video conference any matter in a bankruptcy case, including contested matters or adversary proceedings.  Generally, such hearings will be scheduled to avoid significant time and expense of travel for the Court and the participants.  Video conferencing may be utilized for status conferences and pretrial conferences, and for other hearings requiring the introduction of evidence and taking of testimony when the Court deems appropriate.
  2. Parties in interest may request that the Court set for hearing by video conference any matter in a bankruptcy case.  The moving party must:
      1. Obtain consent from other interested partied prior to contacting the Court; and,
      2. Request permission for hearing by video conference from Judge Maddox’s courtroom deputy at least seven days prior to the proceeding.
  3. The Court, in its discretion, shall determine whether said request should be granted.  Requests received by the Court outside the time parameters described above will not be considered except in emergency situations.  The Court may grant any request for hearing by video conference with or without a written order.
  4. The Court shall provide notice of the place and time for all proceedings set for hearing by video conference.
  5. The Court may at any time vacate a previously granted request for hearing by video conference and may order any party to appear personally in court for any proceeding.


  1. In any proceeding set for hearing by video conference, the parties shall exchange all witness and exhibit lists and copies of exhibits, if applicable, at least seven days before the proceeding.   The parties also shall provide copies of same to the Court at least seven days before the proceeding in either paper or electronic form.  If parties choose to email exhibits to chambers, they should email them to and confirm delivery with Judge Maddox’s courtroom deputy.  In marking the exhibits, the parties shall determine an identification sequence that eliminates any duplication.  At the hearing, the exhibits should be in the courtroom where the witness will testify.
  2. If any other written documents are to be considered or reviewed at any proceeding, the parties shall exchange and provide copies of such documents to the Court at least seven days prior to the proceeding.
  3. Failure to comply with this provision may result in sanctions, including the Court denying any undisclosed witness testimony and denying the admission of any unexchanged exhibits.   




  1. Decorum.  The formalities of a courtroom shall be observed.  When called, parties are to approach the video conference table and situate themselves so that they are able to view the video screen and be seen by the Court.
  2. Identification.  All parties in attendance must identify themselves and state their interest in the proceeding.
  3. Witness.  Any witness called will be sworn in for the video conference by the courtroom deputy or other authorized court personnel.
  4. Recording.  The video conference constitutes a court proceeding, and any recording other than the official court version is prohibited.  No party may record images or sounds from any location. 
  5. Equipment Operation.  The Court shall be responsible for operation of the video conferencing equipment.
  6. Contact Information.  Questions concerning video conferencing should be directed to Judge Maddox’s courtroom deputy by phone at (662) 369-8147 prior to the proceeding.
  7. Computation of Time.  The computation of time as promulgated by Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9006 shall apply to this Standing Order.