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e-Order Information

Effective December 30, 2013, Judge Woodard and Judge Olack will sign orders electronically through a new program being implemented simultaneously in the Northern and Southern Districts of Mississippi. Attached below is a "Frequently-Asked-Questions" memo which gives some very basic information about the new e-orders program in MS-N. Under the new program, the Judge's signature, along with the date and a court seal, will appear on the top of the first page. Accordingly, a three inch top margin must be left on the first page of the proposed order. The standard "So Ordered, this the _ day of _____." language, as well as the signature line for the Judge, should be omitted at the end of the order and should be replaced with the following notation: ##END OF ORDER##. An instructional manual for practitioners will be made available on the court's website.
e-Orders Attorney User Guide
e-Orders Trustee User Guide
e-Orders FAQ