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Credit Reports and Bankruptcy Records

The U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Mississippi does not report to, nor verify information reported to, any credit reporting agency.  Therefore, the Court is not a “furnisher” or “provider” of information as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  As such, the Court plays no role in the correction of inaccurate information contained in credit reports.

Because bankruptcy cases are public records, the docket and filing information related to bankruptcy cases are available to the public at the Clerk’s Office and online via PACER, an electronic public access system.  Credit reporting agencies regularly collect data from public records and report the information collected.  The Court has no control over whether information reflected on a credit report is reported accurately.

If you have concerns, questions or seek to resolve a dispute regarding bankruptcy case information contained in a credit report, you should contact the credit reporting agency/agencies directly.  Because the Bankruptcy Court is not a furnisher of information contained in credit reports, the Court is not required to conduct investigations or respond to disputes regarding credit reports.

If you send correspondence to the Court inquiring about a credit report (and include a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope), be advised that the Clerk’s Office will only send a copy of this webpage in response.  Should you need to obtain copies of your bankruptcy case records, be advised that a fee will be required in order to fulfill your request.  You may contact the court in advance to obtain more information regarding the required fee.

More information related to credit reports may be found on the websites of the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.