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Case Management / Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF)

The Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) system provides federal courts with the ability to maintain electronic case files and to offer electronic filing of court documents using an Internet connection.
The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Mississippi is a mandatory electronic filing court.  To file electronically, a party must have an ECF account.  There are two types of ECF accounts available:
  1. ATTORNEY FULL ACCESS – Attorneys who practice in this Court must register for a login and password for Attorney Full Access to ECF via the CM/ECF Attorney Registration (“AttorneyReg”) link.  The attorney must be admitted to practice in the Northern District of Mississippi or authorized to appear before this Court pursuant to Local Rules.
  2. LIMITED ECF ACCESS – A creditor (or agent or representative thereof) may register for a login and password for Limited ECF Access via the CM/ECF Attorney Registration (“AttorneyReg”) link in order to electronically file a limited number of documents.  The Clerk of Court will determine the scope of documents that may be filed with Limited ECF Access.
Note:  An ECF account is not required to file, amend or withdraw a proof of claim.  The Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC) link may be used for these claim actions. 
A party must confirm that (s)he has read the Court’s Administrative Procedures for ECF and complete the training issued by this Court or provide proof of registration in another bankruptcy or district court before a valid login and password will be issued.

Login to CM/ECF

Administrative Procedures for ECF