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eFinCert (Electronic Financial Certificate)

Approved debtor education providers may file the Financial Management Course Certificate electronically using the Electronic Management Course Certificate system (eFinCert) program.  This is for a post-petition instructional course concerning personal financial management only, not for credit counseling certificates.

Providers are not required to register as a Limited ECF User.  eFinCert is available by clicking on the link below and does not require a PACER or CM/ECF login or password.

Use of eFinCert constitutes certification that the filer is approved by the U. S. Trustee as a provider of a personal financial management instructional course and is not for use by debtors or attorneys for debtors.

File Personal Financial Management Course Certificate 

See 18 U.S.C. §§ 152 and 3571 for penalty for filing a fraudulent certification.