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Contact Information

Chambers - Judge Woodard
Jason D. Woodard 662-369-2624 Chief Judge
Ashley Pruitt 662-319-3576 Law Clerk
Dennis Thornton 662-319-3543 Law Clerk
Amanda O. Howell  662-369-2624 Courtroom Deputy
Settlement Line 662-369-2619  
Chambers - Judge Maddox
Selene D. Maddox 662-369-8147 Judge
Jace Ferraez 662-319-3522 Law Clerk
William Knotts 662-319-3521 Law Clerk
Settlement Line 662-369-9380  
Clerk's Office Management
Shallanda "Che" Clay 662-369-2596 Clerk of Court
Nancy Patterson 662-369-2596 Chief Deputy Clerk
Jason Grissom 662-369-2596 Information Systems Manager
Steven R. Warren 662-369-2596 Assistant Systems Manager
Alex Blassingame 662-369-2596 Information Technology Analyst
Darrick Wright 662-369-2596 Information Technology Specialist 
Administrative Staff
Amanda L. Dabbs 662-369-2596 Administrative Manager / Human Resources
Wes Craig 662-369-2596 Financial Specialist
Whitley Caradine 662-369-2596 Procurement and Records Management Clerk
Operations and Case Administration
Montana Hopper 662-369-2596 Operations Manager / Training Coordinator
Elaine Logan 662-369-2596 Operations Administrator
Lisa J. Birks 662-369-2596 Case Administrator
Vanessa S. Diggs 662-369-2596 Case Administrator
Catherine "Katie" Duncan 662-369-2596 Case Administrator
Melissa D. Harris 662-369-2596 Case Administrator
Amanda O. Howell  662-369-2596 Case Administrator
Sandra Ivy 662-369-2596 Case Administrator