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Transcripts and Audio Files

Hearings, trials and other court proceedings are digitally recorded by the court.  A party may request an audio file of a recording by submitting a request form to the court.  Written transcripts may be ordered directly from the transcriber.  Instructions for both requests are detailed below.



Orders for written transcripts are submitted to, and processed by, the transcriber (not the court).  Follow the instructions below to order a written transcript.

  1. Complete and submit the Online Transcript Request form found at the link below.  The form will be received by the transcriber.   If several proceedings were held on the date of your request, use the notes section of the form to provide additional information such as the name of the matter(s) heard and the corresponding docket number(s).
  1. The transcriber will contact the court to obtain the audio recording needed to produce the written transcript.
  1. The transcriber will contact the requesting party to make arrangements for payment and delivery.  All payments are to be made to the transcriber.

 The Online Transcript Request form, as well as additional information regarding transcripts may be found below.



A request for an audio file may be made electronically via ECF, by mail or in person.  Follow the instructions below to request an audio file from the court.

  1. Complete the Audio File Request Form found at the link below.  (Do not use this form if you are requesting a written transcript.  See instructions above.)  A separate form is required for each case or adversary proceeding number for which an audio file is being requested.
  2. Submit the completed form to the court along with the required $32.00 fee as described below:
    1. ECF Filers:        Submit the form electronically via the correct docket event.
        Bankruptcy Case: Bankruptcy > Other > Audio File Request
      2. Adversary Proceeding: Adversary > Other > Audio File Request


    2. Non-ECF Filers: Submit the form and the $32.00 fee via mail or hand deliver to the following address:
Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Northern District of Mississippi
Senator Thad Cochran U.S. Bankruptcy Courthouse
703 Highway 145 North
Aberdeen, MS 39730
Checks or money orders should be made payable to “Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court.”  Pursuant to Miss. Bankr. L. R. 5001-1(f), checks or credit cards of the debtor will not be accepted.
  1. The audio file will be delivered to you as an attachment to an email communication sent to the email address listed on the request form.  In limited circumstances (e.g., there is no email address provided or the file attachment is too large), the audio file may be burned to a CD and mailed to the requesting party.