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ePOC (Electronic Proof of Claim)

A Proof of Claim may be filed over the internet without the need for a CM/ECF login and password. The creditor is prompted to provide the required information and then, once the claim is submitted, an Official B-410 form is automatically populated, filed and a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) is sent to the debtor's attorney, trustee, and U.S. Trustee. The claim is automatically added to the Claims Register and the creditor is allowed a "free look" and download of the completed B-410 Proof of Claim form. The Proof of Claim may be subsequently amended or withdrawn using the same procedure.

To file a proof of claim:

Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC) (File)

To amend or withdraw a proof of claim:

Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC) (Amend / Withdraw)



Frequently Asked Questions – Electronic Proof of Claims

1. Do I need to attach the B410 form as an attachment?
No - the fillable form will create the B410 Proof of Claim form. Any attachments should consist of supporting documentation to the Proof of Claim.

2. When will the claim appear on the claims register?
The claim will immediately appear on the claims register upon submitting the proof of claim.

3. Can I get a stamp filed acknowledgment of the Proof of Claim?
Yes, the Court's claim number will display with a link to the electronically filestamped proof of claim upon submitting the proof of claim. The claim will be file stamped as of the entry date. It is recommended that the claim is printed or saved at this time.

4. Will the Trustee and the Attorney for the Debtor be served with the Proof of

Yes, they will receive electronic notification of the claim filed. You do not need to file a separate paper claim with the Trustee's office.

5. My attachments did not properly attach to a claim filed recently. How can
I attach those PDF images of supporting documentation?

a) Reformat the supporting documentation to an acceptable format. It may be necessary that you divide the PDF image into multiple attachments.
b) File an amended claim and attach the correct PDF images.
c) Check the box that designates that the claim is amended. Select the claim number of the claim to be amended.
d) Attachments must be properly added by amendment as described. Amendments should not be attempted by faxing or mailing to the Trustee's office unless specifically requested.

6. Can I file a Proof of Claim in any Chapter Case?

7. How do I sign the Proof of Claim?
The filing of the claim electronically deems the claim signed by the creditor or authorized person.

8. Can I include a separate address that payments should be mailed to?
Yes, check the box indicating that the Payment Address differs from Notice Address. An additional address field will appear for this alternative address.

9. I am filing the Proof of Claim as an agent for a Company, do I need to fill out
the section for Authorized Agent of Creditor?

Yes, provide your name, title, address (even if it is the same as the creditor) and a telephone number where you can be reached if necessary.


Helpful Hints

  • Verify the debtor(s) name and case number prior to submitting the proof of claim.
  • Check the amends box if you are resubmitting or amending a claim for any reason.
  • Verify all amounts in sections 1, 4 & 5. The total amount is required in section 1.
  • If you have supporting documentation to attach, select yes.
  • Print or save the completed proof of claim when directed to view/print your filed claim.