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04/02/2021 Opinion On Motion To Approve Compromise and Settlement Regarding Trustee's Transfer Claim (DKT#589)

IN RE:  Richard Young

03/19/2021 Order Denying Defendants' Motions To Dismiss(DKT. #9,13)

IN  RE:  Isham David Conner

12/16/2020 Memorandum Opinion Addressing Debtor's Motion To Avoid Judgment Lien (DKT#23)

In Re:  William Skelton

12/07/2020 Memorandum Opinion Addressing The Motion For Relief In Part And Finding The Above-Ground Swimming Pool To Be Personal Property

In Re:  Tony and Melisa Easter

10/09/2020 Memorandum Opinion And Order Overruling Objections, Denying Motion To Strike, and Allowing The Debtors To Proceed Under Subchapter V Of Chapter 11

In Re:  Tony And Melisa Easter

09/18/2020 Memorandum Opinion And Order Granting In Part And Denying In Part Trustee's Notice And Motion To Modify Plan

In Re:  Barbaria A. Thomas 

08/18/2020 Sua Sponte Order Granting Partial Summary Judgment

Robert Edselle Gramling, III  

08/12/2020 Order Granting Defendant's Motion For Summary Judgment

In RE:  Willie Jackson 

03/16/2020 Opinion and Order Granting Motion for Relief Of Automatic Stay to Offset

In Re:  Rogers Morris 

01/29/2020 Memorandum Opinion and Order

In Re:  Chad Potts

01/14/2020 Opinion And Order Denying Debtors' Motion To Convert Case To Chapter 13

 In Re:  Dennis and Brenda Wester

07/24/2019 Memorandum Opinion and Order Granting Summary Judgment

Jackie Netterville, II v. Planters Bank & Trust Co. and The McGarrh Agency, Inc

06/28/2019 Memorandum Opinion and Order denying Citizens National Bank's Motion for relief from automatic stay and for abandonment

In. Re:  Halden Ray Livingston and Dawn Denise Livingston

06/18/2019 Memorandum Opinion and Order Sustaining In Part Debtor's Objection To Notice Of PostPetition Mortgage Fees, Expenses, And Charges

In Re:  18-13909-SDM Yulanda D. Gunn

02/06/2019 Memorandum Opinion and Order Granting in Part the Motion for Comfort Order

In Re:  Mackinley Ross, Jr

01/28/2019 Memorandum Opinion and Order Granting Application to Compromise Controversy and Application for Authority to Pay Compensation to Special Counsel

In Re:  Clinton Lee Davidson

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