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Email Notification for Debtors Now Available

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Mississippi now offers debtors the opportunity to request receipt of court notices and orders by email instead of U.S. mail.  This is a free service.  A debtor may enroll at any time, and the service is available to all debtors with an open bankruptcy case.  


Only the court is authorized to send email notices and orders to the debtor.  Parties, such as attorneys, trustees and creditors, must continue to serve the debtor by mail or otherwise as required by court rules.


A Request for Email Notification for Debtor form must be filed to activate an account for email notifications.  Debtors may file the form through their attorney electronically or on their own by mail or over the counter at the Clerk’s Office.  If both debtors in a joint case wish to enroll in this service, a separate request form must be filed for each debtor.  Once the request form has been filed, the debtor will receive an email with instructions for account activation.


To access the request form and for additional information on this service, please visit the Debtor Email Notification page on the court’s website at