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Settlement Call-in System

Settlement Call-In System (662) 319-3501

To allow for timely notification of settlements, a call-in message system has been developed to allow callers to leave a detailed voice message that will be checked by the appropriate court staff on a daily basis. 

The message should be no more than 5 minutes in length and should include the following information in this order.

  • Date of hearing and the judge's calendar page number, if available

  • Time of hearing

  • Case Name

  • Case Number

  • Person responsible for submitting agreed order.

  • And always, please leave your name and telephone number

Calls concerning a settlement will not be returned unless additional information is needed. To use the call-in system, dial 662-319-3501 from a touch tone telephone. 

NOTE: For Judge Woodard cases, settlements must be called in before noon on the business day before the scheduled hearing.

This system is to be used only to advise that a hearing has settled. If requesting a CONTINUANCE of a scheduled hearing, you must speak directly to a calendar clerk for further instruction:

  • For continuances in Judge Woodard cases, contact Amanda Howell (662) 369-2624
  • For continuances in Judge Olack cases, contact Beth Harkins (601) 608-4690.